Friday, May 4, 2007

Start 'em Young

Today, after days of rain, The King was able to get out and mow the yard. When he got home he asked The Prince if he'd like to come out with him and he got a "sure." When he said The Prince could help him mow, you should have seen the eyes on that boy. He was SO EXCITED to get to do something that Daddy does! I decided to snap some pictures to hold on to, as a reminder when this becomes His Job. "See, you USED to LOVE to mow the grass!"


Amelia said...

Oh male bonding...I have "little boy fever" I think.... :o(


bella*tessa said...

I always wanted at least one boy and one girl--thank God I got one of each on the first 2 tries--LOL!! Now, I'm DONE!

Christine said...

Oh how sweet is that! What a moment to capture! My girls were gardening with my hubbby yesterday, and it was so sweet to watch them!