Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My World...

A little update about my world:

Saturday, The Prince broke his foot. We didn't realize it and didn't take him to the doctor until Tuesday afternoon. It is a small fracture and after visiting the orthopedist this morning, I am SO happy to report that a cast will not be needed. (Can you imagine trying to keep an active 4 year old docile while wearing a cast?)

Today The Princess fell off of The Prince's bed. He has a loft style bed that is about 4 feet off of the ground. She was jumping on the bed (which of course, she's not allowed to do) and basically lost her balance and fell off. She hit her shoulder and foot on the way down but was only left with minor bruises.

I am locking my children in a little box to keep them from ALL harm for the rest of their lives--not to mention for my own peace of mind--maybe I'll feel like a better mother if they can make it through a couple of days harm-free. (OK, so this isn't true, but it sounds good.)

In the midst of all of this, I have accomplished some sewing and just listed this patriotic applique set. You can find it HERE.

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Kristen said...

i am glad they are all OK - I have a 5 year old who tempts fate eveyday! His new obsession is wearing his 10 y.o brothers heely's everywhere we least he wears a helmet!

love the new set too!