Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dream Come True

My wish has been granted! The King has a work conference at the end of February and I get to tag along. Even though, after travel time, I'll only have 2 full days, they will be sleeping in, lounging at the beach, shopping at the outlet mall days--and I couldn't be more thrilled!

I'll be going here:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes, I Still Blog

I only wish I had more time!

An update from my last blog. We are all now healthy. The Prince ended up staying home from school the ENTIRE week, and I ended up getting strep, too. BUT, did I get to take a day off from my "job" and laze the day away like others in this family? Noooooo....in case you didn't know, Mommies don't get days off.

Also, my sewing machine is STILL in the shop. The word is that they are waiting for a part that may or may not be on backorder--they just don't know. Which also means that they have no idea when my sewing machine will be fixed.

AND, my iron (which I used to L...O...V...E...) just up and died today. Used it this morning-fine, no problems. Went to turn it on this afternoon-nothing. In case you're wondering it's a Rowenta (= not cheap) and after a little internet research (yes, I know, after the fact) I've found out that this is quite a common problem with that brand. So, a new iron will be in my future. I've borrowed Erin's for now.

It has been beyond busy here--really, it just keeps getting busier!

The Princess starts dance lessons tomorrow. She's taking a tap/ballet combo class and had to try her clothes on THE DAY we bought them.

The King is teaching The Prince how to be a good man. They were in the store the other day and The Prince said they needed to buy me flowers, because girls like flowers. When we got home, he told me they'd look perfect in my new sewing room....and they do.

Here's my first Easter listing. It was a request of Erin for Tessa. I think it turned out cute and the pics are stunning!

You can find the auction HERE!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yes, I would like to be taken away--just for a day or two. We (like many families I know) have been battling colds, coughs, and now strep throat. First it was the Prince on Monday and the King today. The Princess and I have avoided the nasty thing--although she was pretty sick about 2 weeks ago.

We did spend a fun family day on Sunday, before the Prince started feeling really bad. We got up and went to McDonald's for pancakes (we've done this every Sunday since last Labor Day) and then surprised the kids with a trip to the movie theater to see:

It was really great! We love the VeggieTales! You never have to worry that something inappropriate is going to pop up.

We had unplanned *family time* yesterday and today since nobody went to school or work. The King will return to work tomorrow, but the Prince's fever returned tonight---ho hum.

To top it ALL off, my embroidery machine broke this morning. I mean, it BROKE! I didn't quite put the bobbin in all the way and when I started to sew, the whole thing jammed up and (since it's computerized) it kept trying to go until a piece of metal inside the machine SNAPPED apart. I cried.....literally.

I took it into a sewing repair shop and the guy said, "Hmmmm, never seen THAT before!" He referred me to another shop and they currently have it. I'm waiting for an estimate, but unless it costs more than buying a new machine, I'll be going with whatever they say. This is the machine I use for most of my sewing, including the satin stitches for all my appliqué.

I do have my serger and another regular sewing machine that I used some today, but it's just not the same. I sew mostly for me--kind of an unwinding from the day to day life of wife and mother and now that's not really there. So, if there is someone out there granting wishes, I like to go here:

Or somewhere like it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The new sewing room is doing it's job! Inspiring me (and keeping me away from the computer while I should be sewing).

I listed this set for the Lil Peas Royalty launch. You can find it HERE.

I listed this jumper today, just in time for Valentine's. You can find it HERE.

He Makes Me Smile

The Prince came out of his room today looking like this:

Yesterday, I walked into my sewing room and right in the middle of my workspace was this cow print fabric. Hmmmmm.....

"Prince, did you put this here?"

"Yes, Mommy, so you can make my Woody vest."

Ahhhhh....So, I did. You can see how happy 45 minutes of my time can make one little boy--and it was worth it!

Oh.....today, I walked into my sewing room, and there was Outer Space and Race Cars flannel fabrics sitting in the middle of my work space. No, I didn't put them there......

Monday, January 7, 2008


My sewing room, that is--and I am SO EXCITED. It's been about a 3 month process, but well worth the wait! We transformed the back work space area of our garage and added an entrance from our family room. It is my own little piece of heaven!

Day One--The King's dad (AKA, my hero) showed up with the materials to get things started and framed the room in by himself (he's a contractor). I honestly don't know if I'd have a room if he hadn't gotten the ball rolling. So, THANK YOU, Popi!

Walls painted, lighting and electrical finished.

After the carpet was in, the kids had a short period of thinking they had their very own play room---NOT!!

TADA!! OK, so this is the room finished with *most* of my things moved in. Now that all the little junk is in there, and I've worked in there a couple of days, it already doesn't look this neat.

I'm in heaven!! Wait, I already said that....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Happenings

I hope all of you had as wonderful a Christmas as we did here!

How many things can you do in 2 weeks? Well.....let's see!

Make a gingerbread house with the kids:

Make Christmas cookies with the kids:

These are my all-time favorite cookies and are made from a recipe handed down in my family. They have always been a small round circle with red or green sprinkles. This year, I found a cute little light bulb cookie cutter and added other fun colored sprinkles.

Get a surprise Christmas present! I thought my finished sewing room was going to be my present (I'll be moving in this weekend and will post pics!), but The King truly GOT ME when he presented me with a new camera the night before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve EVE?). It's the Canon Rebel XTi and I'm in love! Still learning all the techniques and already drooling over some additional lenses, but I AM HAPPY!

My favorite pic with the new camera:

Spend time with the family we love!

Make a M2M skirt for the new Gymboree line. You can find it here.