Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yes, I would like to be taken away--just for a day or two. We (like many families I know) have been battling colds, coughs, and now strep throat. First it was the Prince on Monday and the King today. The Princess and I have avoided the nasty thing--although she was pretty sick about 2 weeks ago.

We did spend a fun family day on Sunday, before the Prince started feeling really bad. We got up and went to McDonald's for pancakes (we've done this every Sunday since last Labor Day) and then surprised the kids with a trip to the movie theater to see:

It was really great! We love the VeggieTales! You never have to worry that something inappropriate is going to pop up.

We had unplanned *family time* yesterday and today since nobody went to school or work. The King will return to work tomorrow, but the Prince's fever returned tonight---ho hum.

To top it ALL off, my embroidery machine broke this morning. I mean, it BROKE! I didn't quite put the bobbin in all the way and when I started to sew, the whole thing jammed up and (since it's computerized) it kept trying to go until a piece of metal inside the machine SNAPPED apart. I cried.....literally.

I took it into a sewing repair shop and the guy said, "Hmmmm, never seen THAT before!" He referred me to another shop and they currently have it. I'm waiting for an estimate, but unless it costs more than buying a new machine, I'll be going with whatever they say. This is the machine I use for most of my sewing, including the satin stitches for all my appliqué.

I do have my serger and another regular sewing machine that I used some today, but it's just not the same. I sew mostly for me--kind of an unwinding from the day to day life of wife and mother and now that's not really there. So, if there is someone out there granting wishes, I like to go here:

Or somewhere like it!


PamperingBeki said...

You poor thing!! You DO need a nice bath... and maybe some dark chocolate to go with it. :)

Hair Candy said...

Ah Jennifer, I'm sorry! I hope it's a not-so-expensive-fix for ya. What is your sewing room going to do without your machine?!

Angel said...

Hi Jennifer,
I was reading through your blog and noticed this post. Veggie Tales are our favorite too. My cousin Phil is Bob the Tomato and the guy behind the Big Idea!