Monday, January 7, 2008


My sewing room, that is--and I am SO EXCITED. It's been about a 3 month process, but well worth the wait! We transformed the back work space area of our garage and added an entrance from our family room. It is my own little piece of heaven!

Day One--The King's dad (AKA, my hero) showed up with the materials to get things started and framed the room in by himself (he's a contractor). I honestly don't know if I'd have a room if he hadn't gotten the ball rolling. So, THANK YOU, Popi!

Walls painted, lighting and electrical finished.

After the carpet was in, the kids had a short period of thinking they had their very own play room---NOT!!

TADA!! OK, so this is the room finished with *most* of my things moved in. Now that all the little junk is in there, and I've worked in there a couple of days, it already doesn't look this neat.

I'm in heaven!! Wait, I already said that....


Amelia said...

Oh my goodness!! It's great!!! Way to go, you will love it!


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