Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes, I Still Blog

I only wish I had more time!

An update from my last blog. We are all now healthy. The Prince ended up staying home from school the ENTIRE week, and I ended up getting strep, too. BUT, did I get to take a day off from my "job" and laze the day away like others in this family? case you didn't know, Mommies don't get days off.

Also, my sewing machine is STILL in the shop. The word is that they are waiting for a part that may or may not be on backorder--they just don't know. Which also means that they have no idea when my sewing machine will be fixed.

AND, my iron (which I used to L...O...V...E...) just up and died today. Used it this morning-fine, no problems. Went to turn it on this afternoon-nothing. In case you're wondering it's a Rowenta (= not cheap) and after a little internet research (yes, I know, after the fact) I've found out that this is quite a common problem with that brand. So, a new iron will be in my future. I've borrowed Erin's for now.

It has been beyond busy here--really, it just keeps getting busier!

The Princess starts dance lessons tomorrow. She's taking a tap/ballet combo class and had to try her clothes on THE DAY we bought them.

The King is teaching The Prince how to be a good man. They were in the store the other day and The Prince said they needed to buy me flowers, because girls like flowers. When we got home, he told me they'd look perfect in my new sewing room....and they do.

Here's my first Easter listing. It was a request of Erin for Tessa. I think it turned out cute and the pics are stunning!

You can find the auction HERE!


Hair Candy said...

I L*O*V*E that outfit Jennifer! If I only had a girl!

Stacey Moore said...

that outfit is too cute!! princess looks like she is ready to DANCE!!!!!!

hollibobolli said...

PRECIOUS - as always!!!

I sorry about the death of the iron - you should write them a nasty letter!!!

Rae*Danae Designs said...

That is precious!

My Rowenta did the same thing the other day! Ugghh...had to go buy a cheapie to tide me over for a while cause everything I do requires an iron!

Great to visit your blog!