Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog, Schmog

Sorry....that's all I've got to say.

To those of you who come and visit my blog on a regular basis and are greeted with the same boring post for over a week.....I'm sorry.

School starts for us on August 14th. I've been busy buying school clothes and school supplies. I've been busy signing the kids up for dance class (yes kidS--The Prince has decided to give the boys hip-hop class a try), and making sure they have the right dance clothes. I've been busy trying to keep 2 kids, who are ready for school to start, occupied and happy.

Today, roofers showed up to replace our shingles. It was necessary, since a major hail storm blew through over 3 months ago. The thing is, that a vast majority of the homes in our area had similar damage and the wait list was LONG. The good news is that they got the ENTIRE thing stripped and re-shingled in ONE day! They just come back tomorrow to do the finishing things--whatever those are.

Unfortunately, they pried (yes, pried--not "undid the bolts and removed) our satellite off of our roof, and our TV is all messed up. The upstairs tv will get either satellite or local channels--but, not both--and the downstairs tv gets NOTHING. They're having a special, though, and all service calls are free......we just have to wait until next Thursday for them to come.....UGH!

Next week we're taking a mini-vacation to Branson, MO. We are all looking forward to it, but in order to have some spending money, I've been busy listing some of the kids winter clothes from last year on ebay. For everything else, I've been busy setting up in a garage sale for this Saturday.

I've also been busy with orders, and for this, I am thankful--busy, but thankful. Currently, I have this Back to School set listed, along with some resells. You can see them all HERE, or click on the picture to go to that listing.

I don't have any "new" pictures of the kids, but these were taken at the Princess' birthday party. She's looking at the card from us that the Prince picked out--it's a Disney Princess card that sings. He's....well, he smiling for the camera with Robert on his head--what can I say.

Oh! And Monday, The King and I celebrated our 13 year anniversary. He took me out to super nice restaurant and we had a lovely, quiet dinner. We even tried pate and decided it was disgusting! We have been together more years of our lives than we were apart, and I am so thankful that our love is still strong!

It's a picture of a picture--I need a scanner!

We are well, healthy and happy.....just busy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it July 22nd?

As usual, time is flying by. I must admit that's OK when it feels like it's 105 when you factor in the humidity. It is HOT!! We've spent quite a bit of time in our little pool, but I think that next year we'll have to upgrade. I'm actually pretty amazed at how far the kids have come with their swimming abilities. I'm guessing it's because they feel safe in such a small space. Tomorrow, we're going to my parents' home and they have a pretty decent sized pool. I'll have to let you know how that goes! At the beginning of June, The Prince was barely putting his face in the water, and the Princess would hardly move in the pool. Now, we're here:

Last week, our church had Vacation Bible School. They ended with a program during the Wednesday night service. Although we don't usually make it to that service (our kids are usually getting ready for bed when the service STARTS), he really wanted to go. My thoughts were "We will spend hours at soccer practices and dance classes, why can't we go this one night (you had to get there 1 1/2 hours early) for something that should be so much more important?" So, I took him for the rehearsal and The King brought The Princess for the performance. The Prince was thrilled...which was the point.

I am almost at the bottom of my customs list, but have these three listings that will be ending throughout the week (starting tomorrow). You can find each one by clicking on its picture.

Finally, a woman I considered a dear friend passed away this weekend. I taught with her for 8 years and she was one of the sweetest, loving, and most honest people I knew. She battled cancer for over 4 years, and I know that she is whole and healthy and at peace with our Father in Heaven. It's just sad for those of us here when we lose such a precious person from our lives.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Today was The Princess' birthday. It's so hard to believe that my "baby" is now 4! We did many things to celebrate starting back on Sunday. It's more than worth it when she spends her entire birthday party telling all her relatives, "This is my bestest birthday ever!!!"

When I went to download the pictures I had taken of all the festivities, I realized I had taken 176 photos!! Here is a (much smaller) sampling:

She wanted to do something special with her 2 cousins. So, Sunday we dressed up like princesses and went to Build-A-Bear at the mall.

They ended up picking the same sparkly purple bear (what ARE the chances?), and had to wait in line to get them filled.

They gave their bears hearts and kissed them before putting them in.

They talked and giggled and I realized how quickly my baby is growing into a girl.

They all picked out pajamas and slippers then got them dressed and ready to sleep in bed with them.

Showing off the finished products.

This morning, following tradition, we went to IHOP for the birthday breakfast. She's wearing their coffee filter "birthday hat" while they sing their birthday song. The best part about the birthday breakfast is eating an ice cream sundae!!

She got to pick out what she wanted to do today, and she wanted to spend more time with Tessa.

We took some pictures of her birthday outfit. I bought the shirt at Gymboree and made the skirt to match. Of course, I'll be listing it.....when I have a little time. "How old are you now?"

The family came over for a little party tonight. She opened her presents and really loved the Disney Princess singing card.

And finally, we had some birthday cake.

Happy Birthday (you'll ALWAYS be my) Baby!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

KIDS...Can't Live WithOUT Them!

Randomness about my kids--

The other night at dinner:

Prince: What are these?
King: Sesame Seeds
Prince: If we plant these in the yard, what will they grow?
Princess: They'll grow SESAME STREET! YEAH!!!!!

Does anybody else have a child who thinks their stuffed animals are REAL? OK, so the Prince knows they're not alive, but he treats them like they are. We even have a leash and collar that he puts on his pet pick of the day.

Last week The Prince got a gob of mosquito bites on his legs. He scratched them, scratched them, scratched them. We put on cream, more cream, MORE cream. They got red, scabby, and this week we woke up one day and they were infected!! "WE TOLD YOU TO STOP ITCHING THEM!!"

We were WRONG! It seems that he had an allergic reaction to whatever it is that did bite him (probably a spider). Thankfully, I took him to the doctor as soon as we noticed that they didn't just look like sore red mosquito bites. He took some Zyrtec, some Benadryll, and we're putting on a steroid cream twice a day. *sigh*

Here's what mosquito bites DON'T look like, but what an allergic reaction to some kind of bites DOES look like:

At lunch today:

I thought the kids took a nap today, but when I went to go wake them up, I found this:

I must admit that when they are like this with one another, they can pretty much do no wrong. I just wish they'd LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drowning.... a sea of orders--in case you've wondered where I've been.

In addition to spending time with the family over the holiday weekend, I have been working like crazy to get orders finished and out the door. It's truly a blessing to have these orders coming in, but I am finding it a bit challenging to find solid sewing time before 10:00 p.m. with 2 kids home for the summer. However, in August, for the first time since February of 2003, I will have both kids at school. I will have about 3 1/2 hours alone While I know I will miss them, I will admit that I am looking forward to that quiet time.

In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy my time with them while still honoring my commitments. (Isn't that what every mom tries to do?)

We did go see WALL*E. While it's not our favorite Pixar film, the kids still enjoyed it. They requested Wall*e clothes when they spotted this fabric on one of our trips to the fabric store and I complied:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


...for one little boy (and his family), of course.

Last weekend a local creamery had a "Taste of Summer" day. You go out to a small little festival, look at some fun things, tour the ice cream factory and eat all the free ice cream your heart desires (and/or stomach can handle). While the factory was interesting and the ice cream was delicious (I was too busy eating to take pictures of it), the highlight of the day was the opportunity for The Prince to get up close and personal with some firetrucks, fire equipment and firemen. I think his face says it all:

She really just wanted more ice cream....