Saturday, July 12, 2008

KIDS...Can't Live WithOUT Them!

Randomness about my kids--

The other night at dinner:

Prince: What are these?
King: Sesame Seeds
Prince: If we plant these in the yard, what will they grow?
Princess: They'll grow SESAME STREET! YEAH!!!!!

Does anybody else have a child who thinks their stuffed animals are REAL? OK, so the Prince knows they're not alive, but he treats them like they are. We even have a leash and collar that he puts on his pet pick of the day.

Last week The Prince got a gob of mosquito bites on his legs. He scratched them, scratched them, scratched them. We put on cream, more cream, MORE cream. They got red, scabby, and this week we woke up one day and they were infected!! "WE TOLD YOU TO STOP ITCHING THEM!!"

We were WRONG! It seems that he had an allergic reaction to whatever it is that did bite him (probably a spider). Thankfully, I took him to the doctor as soon as we noticed that they didn't just look like sore red mosquito bites. He took some Zyrtec, some Benadryll, and we're putting on a steroid cream twice a day. *sigh*

Here's what mosquito bites DON'T look like, but what an allergic reaction to some kind of bites DOES look like:

At lunch today:

I thought the kids took a nap today, but when I went to go wake them up, I found this:

I must admit that when they are like this with one another, they can pretty much do no wrong. I just wish they'd LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

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melbytoast said...

Oh my Jennifer...please, please tell me that bite is NOT from a Brown-Recluse?? (And that the doc checked to make sure?) *gulp*

Poor little fellow!