Friday, November 30, 2007

Cupcake Cutie!

Gymboree has come out with, what I think, is their most adorable line....EVER! I am a pretty big fan of their clothing, but have been left feeling a little ho-hum about their lines, recently. NOT this one--I think we have 7 pieces of this one. I know for some of you Gymbo Mamas out there, that's just a drop in the bucket, but we usually stick to the 2-4 piece range. The colors are right up my (our) alley. I had to add the "our," because The Princess is definitely expressing her own opinions about clothing.

We were in the store the other day and I was picking things out, when she says "That one's not so great, Mommy." I say, "What? It's not so great?" And she says, "Yep! How 'bout this one?" THREE we're doing this? At least she said it nicely (right?).

Anyway, this is the first Gymboree line that has inspired me to make a Made-To-Match custom piece:

You can find it HERE. My favorite touch is that the sprinkles on the cupcakes are all hand-sewn glass beads...yummy! They say "CUTE AS A" [cupcake] on the front and "I" (heart) [cupcake] on the back. I'm also offering the applique work on Old Navy jeans if that's what you prefer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I pray that you get to spend the holidays with the people you are most thankful for--I do!

I enjoy holiday entertaining and spend quite a bit of time thinking about my table setting. This year, my table looks like this:

I was able to purchase EVERYTHING you see for $50.00! I made the pies tonight and tomorrow is all about the turkey!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Kids

The Prince has been in desperate need of his own dress-up clothes. I don't know why we don't think of boys as needing these things.....but THEY DO! After a number of occasions where The King came home to find his Prince in Princess dress-up clothes, something had to be done! I found a Buzz costume on sale for $9.99 and found this Woody shirt and hat for a whopping $3.00. My boy is in dress-up heaven!

After the Prince got to be a Pilgrim in his program last week, the Princess decided SHE needed to be a Pilgrim, too. I whipped up a simple little costume for her Mother's Day Out Thanksgiving Party. I took a pic with her cousin--The Princess was taking the whole "Stoic Pilgrim" thing a little too far. SuperMom to the rescue:

The Business

I am in the process of listing MANY of my Sample Sets and Resells--and they all have BIN options! Some have already been snatched up! To check them out, click HERE.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Third Time's a Charm?

This past week, I have tried to post twice. Both times, I've typed my entire entry, uploaded my photos.....and CRASH! Who knows what happened, but if you're reading this, the 3rd time's a charm.

I'm taking this post to catch up on a few photos of the kids for the family that checks in here. Also posting a couple of my recent sets that are still listed for my friends and customers.

We are in the full swing of Autumn. We'll have some of my in-laws here for Thanksgiving and will be going to my folks the day after (as we have all 13 years that we've been married).

The King is working, I'm sewing, The Prince loves school, and the The Princess just loves life. We are happy, if busy. Just tonight we were talking about the need to slow down and regroup as a family again. It seems to make all the difference in our home.

My Little Pilgrim
at his K4 Thanksgiving Tribute
My Birthday
I kid you not! Every single picture my husband took looked something like this:
Model in the Making
He needed a Christian-themed shirt for school, so I made it the night before. He wanted to take pictures (like his sister). I may list it (some day).
My Sweet Set
Find it here:
My Sock Monkey Set
Find it here:

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dress Up!

Here at our house, we don't do the whole "Halloween" thing. Instead, there are a TON of area "festivals" that we choose to go to. Here are some pics of the kids in their King Solomon and Queen Esther costumes.

The kids won the FAMILY COSTUME award!

At Mother's Day Out, The Princess had Imagination Day.

A HUGE festival put on by a church near our home. TONS of games, inflatables, and CANDY!! Jackson won 3rd place for best Bible-themed costume!

A Day to Catch Up!

I'm adding a few posts today, since there's so much to catch up on! The King has had a few business trips this month, we've all been battling the cold that seems to be EVERYWHERE, and my sewing orders have been more than steady. Add in holiday festivities, and just the everyday life of being a mom and....BAM! Don't you wish you didn't NEED sleep?

The Winner Is....

Thanks to all of you who signed up for my mailing list! The winner of my drawing is: