Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Kids

The Prince has been in desperate need of his own dress-up clothes. I don't know why we don't think of boys as needing these things.....but THEY DO! After a number of occasions where The King came home to find his Prince in Princess dress-up clothes, something had to be done! I found a Buzz costume on sale for $9.99 and found this Woody shirt and hat for a whopping $3.00. My boy is in dress-up heaven!

After the Prince got to be a Pilgrim in his program last week, the Princess decided SHE needed to be a Pilgrim, too. I whipped up a simple little costume for her Mother's Day Out Thanksgiving Party. I took a pic with her cousin--The Princess was taking the whole "Stoic Pilgrim" thing a little too far. SuperMom to the rescue:

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buffi said...

Yes, because if you don't get the boys their own "boyish" dress up clothes, they will resort to wearing their older sister's cast-offs. Which makes for wonderfully hilarious photos, but also very disconcerted Daddies!