Friday, November 16, 2007

Third Time's a Charm?

This past week, I have tried to post twice. Both times, I've typed my entire entry, uploaded my photos.....and CRASH! Who knows what happened, but if you're reading this, the 3rd time's a charm.

I'm taking this post to catch up on a few photos of the kids for the family that checks in here. Also posting a couple of my recent sets that are still listed for my friends and customers.

We are in the full swing of Autumn. We'll have some of my in-laws here for Thanksgiving and will be going to my folks the day after (as we have all 13 years that we've been married).

The King is working, I'm sewing, The Prince loves school, and the The Princess just loves life. We are happy, if busy. Just tonight we were talking about the need to slow down and regroup as a family again. It seems to make all the difference in our home.

My Little Pilgrim
at his K4 Thanksgiving Tribute
My Birthday
I kid you not! Every single picture my husband took looked something like this:
Model in the Making
He needed a Christian-themed shirt for school, so I made it the night before. He wanted to take pictures (like his sister). I may list it (some day).
My Sweet Set
Find it here:
My Sock Monkey Set
Find it here:

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