Sunday, November 23, 2008


Although it seems like there is always one thing or another going on, we have officially entered the "busy season." Last weekend the King ran a half-marathon. It is amazing to me that he can run for that long----and that (for the most part) he ENJOYS it!

OK, so I wasn't quite ready with the camera and only caught the backside (but look at those calf muscles!!).

The kids both had Thanksgiving feasts and programs at school. Neither one of them has had to deal with any sort of "stage fright."

Friday night they had a dance recital at an OUTSIDE amphitheater, and it was ffffffffreezing!

Finally, here's my girl with her cousin (Erin's daughter). Erin had posted about a new Photoshop technique that she learned and I had to try it out...

This week is busy as well with meetings at the school Monday night and Tuesday morning; a full day of Thanksgiving food preparation and house cleaning on Wednesday; Thanksgiving here on Thursday; Thanksgiving at my parents on Friday; a family "run" on Saturday; that's it (I hope).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feelin' It

...the holiday "times," that is. I've spent more of my days at the school this week, than at home--volunteering, attending Thanksgiving programs and feasts. I've fallen behind on my sewing schedule, because my main (good) sewing machine just up and DIED this week. I've gotten out and bought a new one, but have some major catching up to do! Thanksgiving with my husband's family is being held here this year--and while I'm actually pretty excited about it, I have a LOT of things to do.

I LOVE the holidays--really, I do!! I love the meanings behind Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love all the decorations and traditions and food. What I need to do is get caught up on work so I can take a little break and focus on what is most important during this time---family. The kids are at that age where everything is so wonderful and fun, and I NEVER want to look back and think that I "missed it" by not taking advantage of every....single....moment.

So, the next couple of days are dedicated to getting caught up. A couple of new items in the first week of December (think "hearts"), and then a little breather to spend time with -->

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Loungin' Around

I just listed these 2 Christmas lounge sets! The snowman one is available for girls AND boys! You can find them HERE!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Boy and A Girl

My children aren't "little" anymore. I look at them and they are a growing boy and a growing girl. It tugs at my heart a bit, but we are having so much fun with them that it is hard to be sad about it. Here's my girl fully embodying the new cap her daddy bought her and my boy giving "the look" that can get him almost anything.

The Birthday

I celebrated my 35th birthday this past week. It was the first birthday since I was 16 that I haven't seen my husband. He was on a business trip, but let me say that it was actually to my benefit! He had things lined up for me to open at breakfast, lunch, after school, and dinner! He also organized a family party when he got back into town!

Here's the flowers that were delivered mid-morning (my favorite color):

Here's his gift to me (my 5 year old son took this picture--not bad!!):

My mom took me out to lunch and my kids took me out to dinner (thanks to some coaching by their dad). It was a good day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live Nearby?

Do you live in my neck of the woods? Come on by!

Because this is on the world wide web, I haven't include things like my address (you know, safety and all that). However, I will say that I'm in Eastern Oklahoma and if that's close enough that you'd like to drop by, leave me a comment or send an e-mail, and I'll get you the information you need!

OK, if you leave a commentt or e-mail me and I have NO idea who you are, I'll politely refrain from sending you personal information--hope you understand. :)

Did you notice that my sister-in-law, Erin, will be here with her gorgeous jewels? Also, my good friend, Lindsay, will be here with her fabulous bows! Can't wait to see you!