Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feelin' It

...the holiday "times," that is. I've spent more of my days at the school this week, than at home--volunteering, attending Thanksgiving programs and feasts. I've fallen behind on my sewing schedule, because my main (good) sewing machine just up and DIED this week. I've gotten out and bought a new one, but have some major catching up to do! Thanksgiving with my husband's family is being held here this year--and while I'm actually pretty excited about it, I have a LOT of things to do.

I LOVE the holidays--really, I do!! I love the meanings behind Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love all the decorations and traditions and food. What I need to do is get caught up on work so I can take a little break and focus on what is most important during this time---family. The kids are at that age where everything is so wonderful and fun, and I NEVER want to look back and think that I "missed it" by not taking advantage of every....single....moment.

So, the next couple of days are dedicated to getting caught up. A couple of new items in the first week of December (think "hearts"), and then a little breather to spend time with -->

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