Sunday, November 23, 2008


Although it seems like there is always one thing or another going on, we have officially entered the "busy season." Last weekend the King ran a half-marathon. It is amazing to me that he can run for that long----and that (for the most part) he ENJOYS it!

OK, so I wasn't quite ready with the camera and only caught the backside (but look at those calf muscles!!).

The kids both had Thanksgiving feasts and programs at school. Neither one of them has had to deal with any sort of "stage fright."

Friday night they had a dance recital at an OUTSIDE amphitheater, and it was ffffffffreezing!

Finally, here's my girl with her cousin (Erin's daughter). Erin had posted about a new Photoshop technique that she learned and I had to try it out...

This week is busy as well with meetings at the school Monday night and Tuesday morning; a full day of Thanksgiving food preparation and house cleaning on Wednesday; Thanksgiving here on Thursday; Thanksgiving at my parents on Friday; a family "run" on Saturday; that's it (I hope).

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melbytoast said...

Love seeing them all decked out in their "God's Army" camo--too cute!