Friday, February 29, 2008

Back to Life

I have returned from my little getaway to Naples. I relaxed, slept, shopped and lay on the beach....not too bad. We returned home to pick up a ruined suitcase (I really can't go there right now) 2 bags arriving on a later flight (which had MY car keys), a sweet little girl with a high fever, and much sewing to complete.....I have returned to my life. At least I feel recharged and up to the challenge!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip. I finally had a little time to read up on how to use the camera and I got my NEW lens!

All you get to see of ME on the beach:
Where I spent some of my most relaxing time:
This seagull didn't want me getting too close:
THIS seagull let me take quite a few close-ups before he started eyeballing me and I decided to move on:
No, not some model I guy after a run on the beach:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Taking the Leap

Today I placed my first listings on etsy. Some of you may have heard about a big uproar over on ebay. They've implemented some changes that aren't in the best interest of the "smaller" seller. For now, it's still working for me and I'll still be listing, but decided it's time to diversify.

As is usual, I was hesitant to take on something new because I am already busy. I must say, however, that it was quite an easy process. I know that although sometimes I get into the spirit of bidding on something, there are times when I just want to BUY! I'm interested to see where it will go.

You can find my etsy listings by clicking on the link over in the right column.

One of my not-so-distant goals is to work on my website. It's pretty much looked the same since I first got it up and running. I want to put some more separates on there and really get the variety going. Hmmmm....I see a "TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE" contest coming up....

In other news....well, no new news....I'm still sewing and trying to complete orders before my little getaway. I had one friend commission a "Sarah dress" from Little House on the Prairie for her 3rd grade daughter. She even lent me a DVD from her collection, so I'd know which dress they were hoping for. Let me add, here, that we STILL have the DVD because we are enjoying watching the shows as a family. I was surprised how "into it" my 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy were! I snapped a quick pic of the dress as a sneak peek for her. I wish I had taken a better one, AND one with the bonnet (which was my favorite thing), but....I didn't. Here's what I did get:

(I did cut down those ties.)

Here's a pic of The Prince on career day. I know, THE BOOTS! But in his mind, he looked EXACTLY like a fireman should (you know, with your pants tucked in your rubber boots?).

A just because picture (just because The Prince had HIS picture taken, she needed hers taken, too):

The next day was "Silly Hat Day," and we bought a Cat in the Hat hat for him to wear. I guess somebody started "teasing" him about his big hat and the rest of the class joined in. To hear him tell it, what they were saying wasn't especially mean, but with a "nanananana" tone to it. His feelings were hurt....our first real experience. Of course I wanted to go TAKE ON THE WORLD, but used it instead to talk about how to handle things like that. He just didn't understand how kids who he considers his friends could DO that to him. I told him they probably didn't even think about how it was making him feel, but that it's important to think about those things. He said the whole class got a time-out for teasing, but NOT HIM! He's fine, he'll make it, but *sigh* a Mama's heart can be so fragile.

And, FINALLY, I have a new lens on the way for my camera! I am SO EXCITED! It's a "macro" lens and, and, and.....well, I'm just SO EXCITED. I should be here the day before my getaway, so I look forward to posting some new pics!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it Tomorrow?

Ha--so I forgot to post those Valentine's Day pics. What can I say....I'M BUSY!! Besides mounting orders, I have a son who is enjoying a week at school focused on reading. Today was "Character Day"--dress like a character from a book. He chose Sir Topham Hat (from Thomas the Tank Engine). I don't know about you, but we don't have a Sir Topham Hat costume lying around, so....guess who knows how to sew? Mommy! He was so pleased, however, that it was definitely worth it. He looked at himself in the mirror and said, "Oh yes, this is PERFECT, Mommy." Yep, worth it!

So, here's a pic from Valentine's Day:

Here are some of Sir Topham Hat (Yes, they're a little *fuzzy* but it wasn't very light out, yet and it was EARLY.):

And here is one of The Princess on our little trampoline (which I LOVE, because of the handlebars).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Same Story, Different Family

I KNOW that I am not the only mother who has left 2 sweet children resting on the couch, watching Curious George only to return (from upstairs) to find them SWIMMING in a flood of water in the kitchen. Right? RIGHT?

Let me say, right now, that I am NOT the bloggin' Momma who remembers to grab her camera under these circumstances. Of course, NOW I wish I had snapped some pics. But then--uh-uh, not on my mind!

Today was the first time my sweet, adorable, inquisitive son decided to push the water dispenser on our refrigerator....just for the FUN of it. And my my sweet, adorable, pliable daughter decided to go along for the ride. It was a MESS! They (and my kitchen) were SOAKED!

OK, I mentioned I was upstairs. Our house is NOT that big. I do NOT know how I missed the sound of the water dispenser being pushed....REPEATEDLY....but, I did. I was upstairs for 5-10 minutes. Hey, they were resting.

Anyway, no major damage, just some soaked towels. Tonight, as The King was talking to the kids about it, The Prince says, "Your, right. I'm sorry I did that to our house. BUT, it was REALLY COOL!" Good thing we both had napkins to put up to our mouths to muffle the smiles and laughter.

BOYS!!! And the sisters who think that ANYTHING their big brothers do is the best thing, EVER!

I sure do love them, though! (These were from a lazy Saturday morning a while back.)

I'll have some Valentine's Day pics tomorrow!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here We Sew!

Not much to blog about, lately. Mostly because I have been SEWING!! Lots of orders and special requests have been coming my way--and I am so thankful! I LOVE not having to spend TONS of time picking out fabrics (although I do LOVE fabric) and planning designs!

I do have 2 new designs up on ebay right now. You can find them HERE!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The "Not So Great" Day

Yesterday was just ONE of those days.

I was taking The Princess to her one day of Mother's Day Out. Before I even get out of our neighborhood, I get pulled over by the police. Turns out I didn't come to a COMPLETE stop at a stop sign in our neighborhood (you know, the stop sign NOBODY stops at, just kind of yields). OK, a $104.00 ticket. Also turns out that I have a brake light out and my car tags expired LAST MAY!!! Now, I did know about the one brake light, but thought if you had 2 brake lights working (I have the middle and one side), you were good--NOPE!!--that was just a warning. But, the car tags???? I need to get to the DMV, because I just can't imagine that we skipped on that--we just don't skip on those things. The King thinks maybe somebody swiped my updated sticker for their own car. The officer's computer was down, so he couldn't check. He told me to get it fixed, though, because the could impound my car......YIKES!!

Truly, I almost cried! I didn't, but it was close. This was my FIRST ticket ever in my 34 years of life. The Princess is in the back of the car saying, "Mommy, I'm going to be late for school! Why aren't you moving?" Well......

THEN, it turns out that The King scheduled our security company to come out to work on our system (on the ONE day a week I am child-free for 3 hours). The guy was nice, but he just KEPT ON TALKING. I finally escape to my sewing room, but he keeps popping in to update me on his progress and just chat----UGH!!! Needless to say, I didn't get much work finished.

FINALLY, The Prince had his 5 year check-up, and he got FOUR shots--2 in each arm. They had to call in another nurse to hold him down--my boy is STRONG!! He's screaming, his face is purple/red, "LET GO OF MY ARM!!! NOT YET!!! MOMMY, HELP MEEEEE!!!" My boy is LOUD!! The nurses are so good and handled it so well. I told them to do what they had to do--he needed his shots. I just held his face and told him to look at me--yeah, right! I actually handle those kinds of things pretty well, but it's still pretty draining.

I was glad to go to bed so I could start a new day bright and fresh. Today WAS better and the good news is that I get to pick up my sewing machine tomorrow! YIPPEE!!

Birthday Weekend--Day 3

Today was the ACTUAL birthday. We started a tradition when The Prince turned 2 of going to IHOP for a pancake breakfast. They come out and sing to the kids and they get to eat ice cream AT BREAKFAST.

This year, there also happened to be a really good balloon artist there--The Prince chose a shark, while The Princess chose the happy flower.

We ended the day with a little "Happy Birthday" song and cupcakes.

It's hard to believe that the little baby that I prayed for, worked for, saw doctors for, waited THREE years for, has turned 5. He is my heart!

Birthday Weekend--Day 2

Day 2 of the birthday weekend was THE PARTY! We invited his entire class and our family--total attendance: 43 (yes, 43 people in our house). It was a blast! The Prince had picked out a Ratatouille theme for his party and I ran with it. Every child received a real cloth apron and paper chef hat. They decorated cookies, dug in "trash" to find rats, tossed rings on a wooden spoon, and tried to identify items by their smell. At the end of the day when we were talking about it all he said to me, "Everything I dreamed about came true!"

Enough said--THAT is why I did it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Weekend--Day 1

The Prince turns 5 on Sunday, but at our house a birthday isn't just ONE day. Today he took cupcakes to his class. Um, I remembered that we needed cupcakes sometime last night after they went to bed. So, I scrounged in the pantry and found a chocolate cake mix (which happens to be his favorite flavor). While they baked, I got online and found a buttercreme frosting recipe and added blue food coloring (his favorite color). Pipe on the frosting, add some chocolate sprinkles, and send in a decorated box. TADA!! Who needs store bought cupcakes? (Besides, his "cake" for his party tomorrow is a store bought cupcake cake.) Posts of day 2 and 3 will be coming!

Once A Year

We are lucky to get enough snow to play in once or twice a year. This year, it was yesterday (yep, just one day--it's almost all melted today). We bundled the kids up and sent them out to play. The King helped them build a snowman and they made and threw dozens of snowballs.

Easter's Coming!

Need that *perfect* outfit for your daughter to wear? Check out these 2 listings HERE!