Thursday, February 14, 2008

Same Story, Different Family

I KNOW that I am not the only mother who has left 2 sweet children resting on the couch, watching Curious George only to return (from upstairs) to find them SWIMMING in a flood of water in the kitchen. Right? RIGHT?

Let me say, right now, that I am NOT the bloggin' Momma who remembers to grab her camera under these circumstances. Of course, NOW I wish I had snapped some pics. But then--uh-uh, not on my mind!

Today was the first time my sweet, adorable, inquisitive son decided to push the water dispenser on our refrigerator....just for the FUN of it. And my my sweet, adorable, pliable daughter decided to go along for the ride. It was a MESS! They (and my kitchen) were SOAKED!

OK, I mentioned I was upstairs. Our house is NOT that big. I do NOT know how I missed the sound of the water dispenser being pushed....REPEATEDLY....but, I did. I was upstairs for 5-10 minutes. Hey, they were resting.

Anyway, no major damage, just some soaked towels. Tonight, as The King was talking to the kids about it, The Prince says, "Your, right. I'm sorry I did that to our house. BUT, it was REALLY COOL!" Good thing we both had napkins to put up to our mouths to muffle the smiles and laughter.

BOYS!!! And the sisters who think that ANYTHING their big brothers do is the best thing, EVER!

I sure do love them, though! (These were from a lazy Saturday morning a while back.)

I'll have some Valentine's Day pics tomorrow!


Bella*land said...


You have such an adorable family. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.


Erin said...

So is this what they were up to when you had to get off the phone cuz they were so quiet? lol

Rory said...

My little one has just discovered this fun game too. She realized that she can put the lid down on her potty and drag it up to the refrigerator and stand on it for easier access to the water dispenser! Glad I'm not alone in my soaked towel agony!!