Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meet Robert

I'd like you to meet Robert. Robert is a Webkinz chihuahua that The Prince has made his own. He's not really interested in the whole computer world of Robert--just the real world. Yes, Robert has his own collar and leash. Yes, Robert sleeps with him. Just when we start to get a little concerned about his perception of reality, he'll say something like, "You know, Robert can't really talk. He's just a stuffed animal." For us, this is the better option than a live dog--we've done that and we're just not ready for another one......yet.


hollibobolli said...

That is such a cute pic. Have you seen the commercial for the new cheechee weeechee waa waa (what Faith calls them) movie that's coming out? I crack up every time I see that dog say "say hello to my leeetle friend."

melbytoast said...

How cute is that? Wittle Wobert

You are smart to stick with that kind of puppy...a lot less doodoo to scoop! lol

(((hugs))) Kristen