Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Through New Eyes

Mother's Day is coming, and as a mom, the day has a whole new meaning than it did when I was just the daughter. Today I went to a Mother's Day Tea with my son's K4 class. It was was precious....I wouldn't have ANY pictures if Erin hadn't brought her camera! UGH! I'm so glad she did! The kids went through their typical morning routine, and it's amazing how much can be learned in one year. I taught 2nd grade for 8 years, but viewing school through the eyes of a parent is a whole new ballgame! I'm so proud of my little guy--I'm so thankful that he LOVES school. It definitely helps that he got the PERFECT teacher for him.

His teacher told the kids to wear their "Sunday Best," so The Prince decided he needed to wear a tie. The King took one of his and pre-tied it for him. What really cracked us up was that he DID NOT want to take any of it off until it was time for pajamas tonight. He told me he looked "Just like Daddy."

His teacher also handed out class awards for the year and he received the award for "Leadership." She told him that was because he was going to be in charge someday (he'd like to think that day is NOW). :)

**I'm just too tired to mess with editing any of the pics, so here they are "raw."**

Me and my baby--I tell him that even when he's big like Daddy, he'll still be my baby.
The class doing Praise and Worship (yes, he goes to a private Christian School). He's over on the right, second one back. I was a little surprised (but pleased) at how serious he was.
With his buddies--Erin's son and another boy he's known since playgroup started when they were one.


melbytoast said...

Look at you and your little man! (He is the spitting image of his daddy!)

I haven't seen a recent pic of you--gohs, I love your long, curly locks!!



Tam said...

I agree Jennifer they will always be our babies! You have a beautiful family!