Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Happenings

I hope all of you had as wonderful a Christmas as we did here!

How many things can you do in 2 weeks? Well.....let's see!

Make a gingerbread house with the kids:

Make Christmas cookies with the kids:

These are my all-time favorite cookies and are made from a recipe handed down in my family. They have always been a small round circle with red or green sprinkles. This year, I found a cute little light bulb cookie cutter and added other fun colored sprinkles.

Get a surprise Christmas present! I thought my finished sewing room was going to be my present (I'll be moving in this weekend and will post pics!), but The King truly GOT ME when he presented me with a new camera the night before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve EVE?). It's the Canon Rebel XTi and I'm in love! Still learning all the techniques and already drooling over some additional lenses, but I AM HAPPY!

My favorite pic with the new camera:

Spend time with the family we love!

Make a M2M skirt for the new Gymboree line. You can find it here.

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Lisa~ said...

OMGOSH i want that camera but am scared to spend the money and not like it. Is it easy to use, great pics?