Tuesday, April 17, 2007

YOUR Mothering Style?

I found this Mothering Style Quiz and decided to give it a whirl, already knowing my basic mothering style. WOW, let me tell you, I was a little surprised by my results! I've always thought of myself as a more strict Type 1 mom, but, I guess not. Here's the link so you can take the quiz yourself:

What's Your Mothering Style Quiz

Here are MY somewhat surprising results...not BAD results, just not what I thought I'd be! I'd love to hear if you are the type of mom YOU think you are.

3- As The Carefree Diplomat Mom, you’re able to act as mediator as well as be creative and interactive with your children. Chances are you encourage child-led activities, but aren't averse to jumping in and playing, too.
Pro: You're fair and just and will use discipline when needed, but encourage your child to work things out on her own.
Con: Be sure to assert yourself as the adult. Creative Diplomat Moms may forget to separate themselves from their children, creating confusion as to just who's in charge.

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