Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday....Got Junk?

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

For this week's project, I decided to tackle my 2 "junk" areas. I know we ALL have them! The armoire, I purchased for the very reason of hiding all my junk from people when they come over. However, it had started to get out of hand (i.e. things would fall out when I'd open the door). I threw away a TON of things, put a few things in their permanent home, and added a couple more baskets to store items neatly. I even found a long lost document I had been looking for!

The second area was the junk drawer in the kitchen. It was being overrun with useless pens, kids' stickers, and, well, JUNK! I threw out all the useless pens (yes, I tested them ALL--see brain post below), put all the stickers into one envelope, threw out some trash, and organized the rest. Most importantly, I finally got around to removing ALL the scissors and placing them into a safe, high, hiding place. I'd found The Prince helping himself to the scissors on more than one occasion--you know, to open a snack he'd helped himself to....trimming a picture he'd colored, so it would look just right....fortunately, we've avoided any self hair cutting sessions!

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