Saturday, April 14, 2007

Giving Back

Today I went to a place built by my church in one of the poorer areas of our city. I had the opportunity to teach young ladies (12-14 years old) the basics of sewing. They learned how to thread a needle and how to sew a button. Then, they had the opportunity to make these little wrist bags using a new stitch I taught them today. After they had hand stitched for a bit, I let them come over to the sewing machine to finish them off--plus, take a little spin on the machine! It was a fun time and they were VERY proud of their creations! I think that I may have had more fun than them. I am a teacher at heart and always enjoy the opportunities I get to share with young people....I need to do so more often!


Erin said...

Those came out really cute!

Me said...

That is so great Jen! I wish we had somewhere I could teach kids to sew. The little bags are so cute!!!