Sunday, April 15, 2007

Right or Left?

A recent discussion on the Boutique Cafe Forum led me to this post. It's a little funny because just the other day as I was cleaning my office/computer/sewing area (see Tackle It Tuesday post) I ran across a CD with all the papers I'd completed for a class on the brain (required for my Master's Degree). So, here's a little information about what makes your brain work and a little test to help you determine if you are Right or Left brain dominant.

Every time you hear, see, smell, touch, or taste something your brain grows! The brain cells literally form new connections. Different colors, smells, and tastes illicit different responses from your brain! I've actually used a few of these with my own children!

Black: Alertness
Blue: Excitement, Creativity, Reflection, Relaxation
Brown: Relaxation
Cream: Reflection, Relaxation
Green: Creativity, Relaxation
Grey : Relaxation
Gold : Excitement, Creativity
Lavender: Reflection, Relaxation
Orange: Excitement, Alertness, Creativity
Peach: Reflection, Relaxation
Pink: Reflection, Relaxation
Purple: Excitement, Alertness, Creativity
Red: Excitement, Alertness, Creativity
Rose: Creativity, Reflection, Relaxation
White: Relaxation

Alertness or Attention: peppermint, wintergreen, pine, lemon, eucalyptus, spearmint
Relaxation or Reflection: chamomile, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, honeysuckle
Creativity: sage, apple, rosemary, rose, basil, cinnamon

Vanilla: Calming
Peppermint: Grabs Attention (helps w/ memory)
Cinnamon: Creativity
Apple: Energy, Creativity
Orange: Energy, Alertness
Almond: Relaxation


As most of us know, there are 2 sides to the brain. The Right Side which is more about relationships and creativity, and the Left Side which is more linear, black and white, organizational. Answer the following questions:

  1. When you think hard about something/try to remember something, what do your eyes do? Do they go up/down to the RIGHT or LEFT?
  2. When you wink at someone, what eye do you use? RIGHT or LEFT?
  3. When you smile, typically one side of your mouth goes higher than the other (you may need a mirror for this one). Your RIGHT or LEFT?
  4. When you fold your arms, what arm is on top? RIGHT or LEFT?
  5. When you fold your hands, what thumb is on top? RIGHT or LEFT?
  6. When you cross your legs, which leg is on top? RIGHT or LEFT?
  7. If I rolled a soccer ball at you, which foot would you use to kick it? RIGHT or LEFT
If the majority of your answers were RIGHT, you are a dominant LEFT brainer. If the majority of your answers were LEFT, you are a dominant RIGHT brainer. Now, for me I have 5 RIGHTS and 2 LEFTS. So, I am a dominant LEFT brainer (I am SOOOOO black and white!), but a little of that creativity from the RIGHT brain creeps in there!!

I hope you found this interesting! If you found it a little confusing, maybe you should look at something black, smell some peppermint, and eat an orange!


Amelia said...

I have 4 left and 3 right...


bella*tessa said...

That isn't surprising! You are OBVIOUSLY creative and love relationships, but to get everything done in your life, you HAVE to be organized--LOL!!

Erin said...

I have 3 left and 4 right.

Morgan said...

Thanks for posting this Jennifer! It's really interesting information~ and I have 5 lefts, 2 rights. No wonder I can't get anything accomplished, lol!