Sunday, September 7, 2008

This and That....

As you can tell, blog posts have begun to fall by the wayside as other events are seemingly overtaking my life--orders, laundry, taxi-service, school meetings, practices, lessons, dinners.... I have NOT given up on blogging, and will continue to post as I have time--or as there are things to say.

This fall, The Prince is playing soccer (again). The Princess has decided that she wants to play when the Spring season starts up (much to the joy of her father). They are BOTH in dance classes. Our dance studio started up a boys' hip-hop class and The Prince loves it!! He's learning a routine to the High School Musical basketball song. The Princess is continuing with ballet/tap and is enjoying it!

Here's The Prince at his first game this last Saturday. When I see pictures like this, it is uncanny how much he looks like his dad when he played. He scored 2 goals and it was fun to watch!

Both of the kids have been wanting to help with the cooking lately, so we are taking advantage while we can! Tonight they each took turns coating the meat with cornstarch.

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