Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today, I listed two sets. They are by far 2 of my favorite sets. They take FOREVER to make with all the detailed applique work, but those Japanese fabrics basically SCREAM at me to make appliques for them! The first is a new set requested by a favorite customer and inspired by Goldilocks fabric. The second is a relist of my poplular OZ--Over the Rainbow--set. You can find them both HERE!

Today, I also walked in on this:

The Princess had gone into my closet and shut the door. After a bit, I hear her talking "very authoritatively," about her "work" and having to find her "important papers." I just don't know WHERE she gets these things..... ;)


Amelia said...

Sweet outfits!!

Oh that picture of Isabella in your file drawer is SO something I would catch Evelyn doing. It's hard to teach them to stay out when they look SO cute getting into things. LOL

Hair Candy said...

those set are amazing!!

TaDa! Creations said...

I just L O V E your Goldilocks set! So much so that I just blogged about it. Hope you don't mind!