Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ahhhh, The Relaxing Days of Summer

Yeah, RIGHT!! We are so busy around here--it's unbelievable! The King and I actually sat down and made a LIST of all the things we have to do over the next three days, because we were concerned we'd forget something. The good news is that we are all healthy, and we are busy with good things!

Work has kept me busy this week, and my work list continues to grow (which is a good thing, of course). First, Isabella modeled this adorable set from LyndsayLeila. You can find it HERE.

I just listed this Queen of the School set, perfect for the first day of school (or preschool). You can find it HERE.

I also have another Back to School set planned, that will probably get listed on Monday.

The Princess has been going to Princess Dance Camp this week. Each day they are a different Disney Princess in class. Tomorrow (the last day), a "real" Princess will be coming to visit them in their class. She really enjoys it, and not only has she improved with her dancing, but her coordination and overall social confidence has grown.

The Prince is truly enjoying Summertime and all the outside activities! His favorites are swimming (in our small soft pool) and playing baseball with Daddy when he gets home from work.


Stacey Moore said...

love that queen of school set!

Stacey Moore said...
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hollibobolli said...

Those are so cute - I wish I would have thought about having you make something for Faith to wear to BlogHer. That would have been a great way to promote your line - I am so disorganized. GAH!

I love both outfits.. and those black shoes - TDF.