Monday, June 2, 2008

New for Me!

After researching, driving, and deliberating, we found THE car! It's exactly what we were looking for and it was a GREAT deal! I'm so excited that I now have room to haul around 5-6 kids. With a new little niece on the way, it'll be nice to be able to pick up Erin's kids and give her a much needed break! The kids love that it has a DVD player (OK, so I love that part, too). The King loves that it has all kinds of gadgets, including a navigation system and a video that pops up when you put it in reverse, so you can see what's behind you.

On another note, our other car is still sitting at the shop. NOTHING has been done by the other driver's insurance despite repeated efforts on our part. We've decided it's time to get tough. I'll let you know what happens!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Nice car. What kind is it? I like that the back windows are tinted and dvd player, very nice.