Monday, March 31, 2008


OK, so even my husband has now commented on my blog "slacking!" The guilt of not posting has eaten away at me to the point that I MUST POST! Can someone tell me when life SLOWS DOWN? Right now it is accelerating at warp speed.

The Business:

I am caught up on all back orders and have begun listing new items. These two can be found HERE!

Also, I've noticed that my One Year Blog Anniversary is coming up on Sunday, April 6, so check back for some birthday fun! (Really, you'll want to come back!) (I'm SERIOUS!!)

Our Health:

As I've posted, the flu has come and gone. Our family is back to feeling healthy, once again! However, Saturday, The Princess woke up with some pretty bright pink cheeks. She felt fine, no fever, acted normally, so we let it pass. This morning, I take her to Mother's Day Out, take off her jacket, and notice quite the rash up and down both arms....ARGHHHHH! I walk her to the school nurse who proceeds to tell me that it's Fifth's Disease. Turns out that once the rash shows up, you're no longer contagious, and although it's a little uncomfortable, that's all there is to it. So, I leave her at school and go to my 2nd dentist appointment in 2 weeks.

Here's the story. I HATE going to the dentist....really, I do. I've had a few bad experiences with some bad dentists (and hygienists), and our insurance doesn't offer many choices. After my last really bad experience, I said, "FORGET IT!" Welllll, that was about 4 years ago (I KNOW, I KNOW). My husband started going to a dentist last year and told me he was great...I needed to try him out--whatever. Once my kids hit the age of needing to go to the dentist, we took them to him, and after watching how gentle he was, I decided to give it a whirl. He--and his hygienists--are great. I had 2 areas of my mouth that needed a little work and I'm back to a regular visitation schedule. It's really all about finding the right dentist for you!

The Family:

For you family members who check in to see pics of the kids, here ya go!

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