Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sometimes, I crave a little "more" in my life than what usually occurs day-to-day. However, there is nothing I have craved more, this past week, than the normalcy of my life. I had posted about having the flu. Well, the flu morphed into a sinus/respiratory infection, and then the medication made me woozy in the morning. I was SICK for about 10 days--able to do little more than provide food and supervision to my children (who, I might add, were on their absolute best behavior). I am so happy to be on the road to normalcy! I just want to clean my house, make some meals, catch up on all my sewing orders, and spend some fun time with my family.

As I mentioned, my children were really VERY kind and caring while I was trying to recover--very few fights and quick to obey me. Yesterday, I took them on a picnic to the park, and today The King took off of work to spend some time with them (it's The Prince's Spring Break). Tomorrow, we are taking them on a little day trip (2 hours away) to a dinosaur museum with some hands-on activities. The weather has been really nice and they went out to help wash my car today--however, they really spend most of their time playing with the bubbles.

My kids living life "AS KIDS," and not holed up in a sick-house:

When I asked her if she wanted to stick her tongue out like that she said, "YES! I'm the Cat in the Hat!" ?????

He's so proud of his ability to almost do the monkey bars. There aren't any pictures of her at the park, because somebody was letting their dog run around loose, and she doesn't DO dogs--it seemed to be a harmless dog, but sheesh, people! When there are small children playing, you shouldn't let your dog run free!

The BEST part: flying bubbles!

Until they land on your face:

The water still pretty close to FREEZING!

No words necessary:

Pretty much their relationship in a picture:

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