Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Time Craft

The Prince wanted to take a little something to his school Christmas party for all of his classmates. I had found this idea in the magazine Family Fun. It's really easy--and cute, too!

You use the containers from yogurt drinks. I used the small kid-sized ones for all the kids and two larger ones for the teachers. Cut off the label and wash them well. Use a Sharpie marker to draw on the face and buttons. Tie a fleece or flannel strip around the neck for a scarf and attach a circular piece to the top with a rubber band for the hat (I added a rolled-up tissue inside my hats to give them more shape). The directions said to fill with M&M's. Being a mom who doesn't let her kids eat already opened candy, I put in a package of mini M&M's.

What I liked about this craft is that almost any child of any age can participate. My four year old son was able to put the M&M's in each snowman, and he balled up all the tissue. Older kids can tie on the scarf and even draw on the face and buttons!

Definitely more "crafty" than professional looking, but for this...that was the point!

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