Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here's a peek at the picture that will be going out in our Christmas cards this year. YES, I said WILL BE. I'm running a little behind, but am almost finished!

I love how it looks like she is gazing lovingly at her brother, because that is how she feels about him! They are so close!

The Prince had a field trip today. All of the K4 classes went to sing Christmas songs at a retirement home, and then went to eat lunch and play at Chuck E. Cheese. Not only did she stand by him and sing all the songs, she followed him in line--with her arms folded just like he does. She was a TEENY bit upset when she didn't get to ride on the bus with him. At Chucky's, they played games together--even with all of his friends there, he chose to play with his sister. *SIGH* Mommy's heart melts!

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