Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Monet in the Making?

I broke down and was the "fun mommy" today. Being the former teacher I am, I know the benefits of these creative times. Being the perfectionist I am, it's hard to allow the "mess" that comes from these creative times. I try....really, I do! We got out these great paints from Auntie Pearl (I love how the paint, cup, and brush are all color coordinated) and they had a blast for over an hour! They were very serious about their masterpieces!

My advice for today? Have FUN with your children! It's what they will remember!


hollibobolli said...

My mom said one of the most difficult things about teaching art was coming home and trying to remember to do the same thing with us... but she always did.

Yay for great moms!

gillian said...

Thanks for the reminder! Cute pic!

Lisa~ said...

I identify with the allowing mess part, it is so hard to shut up and just watch! My son and I have :bake time" every week and man when a 6 year old is mixing cake or other such goodies, its real hard to just watch!