Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Hair Cut and NO CAMERA??

So....we went out to eat tonight. The plan WAS to take The Prince to get his "First Day of School" haircut tomorrow. BUT, The King decides--during dinner--that we should just stop by on the way home. And HEY, why don't we let The Princess get her hair cut, too?

Uhhhh....WHAT? "No, no, no...not a "real" haircut," he says. "Just a little trimmed off the ends." She was thrilled with the idea. After all, anything The Prince does is good enough for her. So, we go, and she gets about 2 inches cut off--and nobody will probably even notice.

The kicker was that with that kind of notice, I wasn't prepared for the "First Hair Cut Photo!" All we had was The King's cell phone camera, which left us with these oh, so beautiful and oh, so clear photographs.


Amelia said...

Oh that face says "I'm not so sure about this."

Sorry you didn't have your camera, but at least you could get a picture.


Erin said...

not too bad for a camera phone!