Friday, June 29, 2007

Did You Know?

To start this post that may end up seeming a little odd to you....

Did you know that it is almost midnight here, and everyone in my house is sleeping (except me)?
My excuse for the following ramblings.

Did you know that 7 weeks from yesterday is my baby boy's first day of school?
Actually, he's my oldest, and he's 4.

Did you know that I haven't purchase ANYTHING for his first day of school?
YIKES!!! Don't worry....those of you who know me have NO DOUBT that he will be
properly outfitted in clothes, gear, and supplies---I WAS a former teacher, you know.

Did you know that my baby girl turns 3 in two weeks?
She IS my baby....but not really anymore....we've kicked "the passy" this month. She
really IS growing up! Next goal (and in my mind, the FINAL babyish item) is the potty
training after our New York trip.

Did you know that time is flying by WAY to fast?
My 12 year anniversary is coming up--that's when I'll share the love story of The King & Queen

Did you know that I get to use my Mother's Day gift tomorrow?
A one-hour massage, followed by a spa pedicure, followed by hair color, followed by hair
cut! I'll have to post some pics of the new me....especially after these beauties!

Did you know that I have all these great ideas about how to expand my "business," but never actually get around to doing them?
One of these is actually getting a business license, so I WILL be a business.
I've decided that NOT having the time to do them just means it's not the RIGHT time for

Did you know that I was going to post so many useless pieces of information about my life?
Now you know a little more about me and my life--perhaps (probably) more than you
cared to know.....

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Amelia said...

I DO know that you are so cute! I love that you are so open and share things on your reading!