Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vintage Blueberries

My latest creation for the Persnickety Camden Market Launch. The Lil' Peas hosted a Retro Fresh Booth--we each took a vintage pattern and remade it for now. I picked this particular pattern because I remember my mom making me similar dresses when I was little.

I also got some fun pictures while The Princess was jumping up and down--I felt it gave her the "retro" hairdo!

You can find the auction HERE!


Amelia said...

Cute!! I think my mom still owns that pattern! ;o)


Laurie said...

Love it....I have the pattern too. I adore vintage!!

~love said...

okay--i might have to stop visiting your blog!! my 3 year old devours blueberries by the carton and would love this adorable set!! so cute!