Friday, August 15, 2008

New Toys

I finally broke down and bought some much needed photography equipment....a mini lighting studio. I've worked really hard on my photography this year and hated the thought that the winter months would bring me back down. So, I bit the bullet (the BIG bullet).

One of the best ways to showcase clothing like I make and sell is with "High Key" photographs. Basically (since the basics is all I know), it's photographs with an ALL white background. This is harder than you might think to accomplish--believe me, I've tried various "cheap" methods...without success.

Anyway, my equipment showed up today and I set it all up. OK, that sounded too easy because it WASN'T. There were NO directions and for a photography infant, like myself, directions would have been nice. It took me a LONG time to figure out how to put everything together, and I know for sure that one thing is still totally wrong! One nice thing is that the majority of it fits into a nice black canvas carrying case that was included and the breakdown only took about 15 minutes.

Here's how it looked set up in my front living room today:

Now, for those of you who may be high-key pros....I know that it's not set up right. I have a little adjusting and tweaking to do. However, feel free to leave tips in the comments! I'll take all the help I can get!!

After it was all set up, I asked the kids to come in and pose for me. These are the kinds of shots I ended up with:

Yes, I did edit them a bit, but nearly as much as I thought I would have to. Overall, I'm pleased and *think* I will view the whole thing as "money well spent."


I thought I'd add this information for anybody else who was interested:

I ordered from B & H Photo.

1250 Watts 3-Light Mini Boom Kit #IMFL1250MBK

****It's on sale for $204.95 and you get all this:
-3 Porcelain Sockets with In-Line Switch
-1 5" Floodlight Reflectors
-3 8' Light Stands
-1 Mini Boom Arm
-2 43" Translucent Umbrellas
-2 Umbrella Brackets
-2 ECT 500 Watt Bulbs
-1 ECT 250 Watt Bulb
-1 Light Kit Bag 2 (which I love, because you can pack it all up to put it away!)

I also ordered Super White background paper and an economy paper stand.


melbytoast said...

Yay!! I'm so proud of you! That was a huge undertaking and I KNOW you'll be thrilled with your investment. (You know I'm a fan of high key!) Your pics are already looking super :)



Anonymous said...

Hello!! I have been reading your blog for a while now and love your work you do! Just curious--not trying to be nosy--but I am a "photography infant" too..atually--I am worse than that--Can you please tell me where you bought your Investment of photography props and about the cost..or just the website where you got it..I am interested in it..Also..what type editing program do you use? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Ella Sophie Photography said...

How exciting. Good for you Jennifer. For high key, the setup is usually like in this diagram.

Make sure the lights that are lighting the background is not spilling over to the person. I usually put the subject a couple of feet away from the back lights.

Can't wait to see your progress. I will probably be sending you some fabrics soon if you aren't too busy. :)

Mary said...

Try a long piece of white board for your floor instead of the clear plastic. It comes in an 8ft length. You'll still get the nice reflection but you wont see the line on the floor like you do with the clear plastic. You can get a piece for about $12. Better yet, get two, you can over lap them!

tv hanging brackets said...

the pictures look so great! i especially love & love the first one of the kids! This is an amazing investment and i know you will enjoy it for a very long time!
I am so looking forward to seeing your progress but youre already doing brilliant so i cant imagine what you will accomplish!


Anonymous said...

How is the high key photography going? I was interested in setting something like this up in my home two years ago ... and still haven't done it. I have a very small space to work with and just don't know what I need to get doing. I liked your blog entry on the subject.