Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Fun

What else could you possibly want to spend your weekend doing?

After a strong and windy storm Friday night, we awoke to three sections of our fence in our backyard. Doesn't it always happen this way? We knew that section of the fence was going to need to be replaced. It had been looking "droopy" all summer. We had made plans to save up a little repair money and take a scheduled day sometime in October to replace that entire side. You know, when we could have (male) friends and family over to help....when is was a gorgeous fall day (no rain and NOT muggy). But, NOPE....The King was SO HAPPY to spend Saturday in the rain removing the old fence and Sunday in the humidity digging the 2 foot holes and setting the new posts---FUN, FUN, FUN!! Tonight his dad is coming over to help him finish with all the pickets.

The good news--while at the hardware store, he spotted a sale and bought himself this (as a birthday present):

1 comment:

Amelia said...

Oh what a bummer about the fence!!!

So whose going to grill and what are they making? looks like a fantastic grill!