Monday, September 10, 2007

Soccer Stars

It's that time of year again! Soccer is a big sport in this house--mostly because soccer was Daddy's sport. This season The Prince AND The Princess are playing soccer--and they are on the same team! It's the only time when their ages match up just right, so we'll have this one last season of having only ONE game to go to on Saturdays--thank GOD!

They had their first practice last week and it was fun to see them working together! The Prince played the big brother role well: they did a kicking drill and when the coach thought everyone was finished The Prince spoke up and said, "My sister didn't get her turn, yet!" She's a little more reserved and wouldn't have said was sweet!

Here are some pics of the future Soccer Stars!

I told them to stand next to each other, and this is what I got:

Talk about perfect form! (In my humble opinion.)

His Daddy kicks just like this!

She has plans to steal that ball from Daddy!

I mean, really! Could they look any more alike?

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