Tuesday, October 2, 2007

SPC--Week 1--What Will It Be?

Here it is--my first attempt at the Self Portrait Challenge. This month's theme: Food & Me! Well, I have plenty to say about that! I love food! Really, I get a lot of enjoyment not only from eating good food, but also from preparing it. With an Italian husband, from a typical Italian family, food is important! When I think about the pictures I could take depicting the role of food in my life, I realize that I'll have a difficult time choosing just four!

This week I titled my photo, "What Will It Be?" I feel like I spend more time than is appropriate standing in front of my pantry trying to decide what will be eaten...by me....for dinner....for my kids' snacks. This is also where I stand while trying to figure out our grocery list and where we throw away our trash. I'm thinking I need a chair!

Finally, a last little peek into my life....the blur in the bottom corner (aka my son). There are few things I can do in life right now that won't include my children in some way!


Lisa said...

I too can do few things at this point without my daughter. But she loves to help me cook so it helps move things along a bit quicker.

Amelia said...

Great shot!

I had to forego today as I had something else that HAD to be said. :o)


Kari & Kijsa said...

Love the blueberry outfit. You are so talented! If we took the self-portrait challenge it would be the same every week. Just the two of us sitting around eating bon bons!

smiles, kari and kijsa

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

I can completely relate! I despise the deciding part - don't mind cooking - it's just deciding what to have that is the worst! LOL!!!

hollibobolli said...

I'm so glad you're participating - yay!!!!!!!!!! I think SPC is a great way to blog. Sometimes when I think I'm all blogged out it really gives me something to write about.

I feel the same way - I spend almost as much time looking in our fridge as Nate Nate does.

Your pantry looks fun.

kimberley said...

That pose in front of the pantry should be made the universal mommy pose. Even with the kids gone - its still the same pose!

It's also my first post at SPC - you were braver than me - I just poked my hand in my pic.