Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Is In the Air

Today the prince had a school field trip to the pumpkin patch. The princess and I went along. It's a great place outside of town with all kinds of animals! It was quite chilly this morning, but you can't really go to the PUMPKIN PATCH when it's warm out, can you? It should be brisk and crisp outside!

The kids were able to hand feed the goats. They got to see a camel and a buffalo--yes, a camel and a buffalo. They climbed on the requisite mound of pumpkins, took a hayride, and picked out their own little pumpkin to bring home. Most of the pumpkins were mid-size, but the prince picked out a cute little pumpkin that fit in the palm of his hand. I asked him why he picked a little pumpkin and he said, "I couldn't carry the big pumpkins, I couldn't even carry the medium pumpkins, so I picked a little pumpkin." Can't argue with that logic!

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