Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Kitchen Renovation

When we moved into this house back in July of 2004, we knew we wanted to change the kitchen. However, with the birth of our daughter 4 days later, 2 small children, a full time job, not to mention a BUDGET, it's taken a little time, but the kitchen is finished! I didn't take great pictures along the way, but managed a little time line (also shows the progression of cameras/photography):

November 2004--As it was when we moved in: striped fruity wallpaper, 90's oak cabinets, green painted formica backsplash, faux bleached wood laminate countertops.

October 2005--We'd torn down the wallpaper and began the preparations to refinish the cabinets.

December 2008--Right before the final renovations with refinished cabinets and dark red paint on the walls.

(Almost) FINISHED!! January 2009--This is my favorite part: the window box above the sink and our new sink and faucet--just needing some grout.

Another view of the finished counters and the tiled backsplash. Let me add that my husband (with help from his dad) did the MAJORITY of the renovations on his own!

We do have new lights to put up, but that will involve some electrical finagling, so it will be a weekend project (soon!).


Anonymous said...

Hello...I have been following your blog for a while now and love reading about you and your sweet family. Just wondering..I love the color the kitchen cabinets were painted..I noticed they look antique--can you tell me how your husband did that..Did he paint them an ivory color and then go back and dry brush some brown on there? Thanks for your help..My white cabinet doors are showing way too much dirt.. WOuld love to give them an update. LOL

Lanie Jane said...

Thought you may be interested in a giveaway! Come by and check it out!

xo jane

Amelia said...

Oh looks SO nice girl!!!

melbytoast said...

WOWSA! Looks so great Jennifer! It was worth the wait :)



jona said...

Jennifer!! That doesn't even look like the same kitchen! You must just LOVE being in the kitchen now (it's so much more fun to cook in a pretty kitchen)!

Jaz said...

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