Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goodbye....Kind Of

You may have noticed that my posts have basically disappeared. Besides having a busy month--traveling for a cousin's wedding, and THREE surgeries (The King had a deviated septum fixed and just yesterday BOTH kids had their tonsils and adenoids taken out)--I have decided to lay bella*tessa designs to rest. *sniffle*

I am returning to teaching this year (a little over a week away!), and have decided that between that and my family, my priorites will be changing! Some good news for you other fabric junkies--I am selling off my ENORMOUS fabric stash! I am starting by offering all my fabrics through my facebook page. My fabric album (ONLY) is available for anyone to look at. Click HERE to see what I've posted so far. I have well over 100 more fabrics to go, so keep checking!

*Another side note: When/if I list these fabrics on etsy, the prices WILL go up. I'm offering them cheaply now, because I don't have to take the time to list, and there are no extra fees.*

Also, I think my blog will be laid to rest as well. I am doing most of my "connecting" through facebook.

Thanks to all who have supported me and become my "online friends." It has been a GREAT 3 years!